Rooms for small dogs
Rooms for large dogs
Room view 
(all have Kuranda beds)
All of our quests enjoy playtime out in our yard in the mornings and a walk in the afternoon.  We do these at no extra charge.   These are things your dog should be able to enjoy while away from home.  They also enjoy playtime with their friends or just hanging out with us in the kennel.  We have indoor/outdoor runs and are climate controlled.  The kennel is located on the Owners 5 1/2 acre home property.  You are welcome to bring anything for your pet that you think will make them feel more at home.  We serve Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken and Iams Grain Free (Chicken & Green Pea) dog foods.  You are also welcome to bring your dogs own food.

Requirements for all guests:
*  Proof of Vaccinations (DHLPP and bordetella)
*  Rabies Vaccination
*  Flea Free (should fleas be found on the dog he/she will be treated at the owners expense.   Note: We use Frontline Plus)

Rooms and Rates:
4ft x 4ft indoor room area with a doggie door to an outside 4 1/2ft x 10ft run 
1 guest    $30.00 /night
2 guests  $45.00 /night

4ft x 8ft indoor room area with 2 doggie doors to 2 outside 4 1/2ft x 10ft runs
1 guest    $50.00 /night
2 guests  $60.00 /night